RADE is a Norwegian R&D establishment  providing Supply-Chain Innovations in various economic sectors. From Product development to market deliveries, we offer scalable products and services that suit various consumers. 


Our signature project in Northern Norway is Seafood Products Development Laboratory (SPDL). Supported by Hadsel Kommune, SPDL develops Seafood Products into viable Startups capable of local value addition and seafood supply-chain innovations. A number of Seafood products are scheduled for launch from 2022 and beyond at our SPDL in Melbu, beginning with Fish Skin And Leather Products.


We help develop new products, launch Specialized and green Co-working/Startup Spaces for them, and finally put the products on chains of our digital Stores. 

Supply Chain Innovation is the backbone of our services in sectors such as fisheries, aquaculture, wildlife, renewable energy, supply chain solutions and services, e-commerce and digital stores, import, export, publications and media, capacity development, hospitality and tourism, logistics, marine logistics and services, urban agriculture, seafood product development, real estate, fashion and lifestyle, as well as entertainment.​ 

Our services and products will be easily accessible on our chains of DIGITAL STORES connected to factories, businesses and consumers around the world.

Around the globe we project the power and influence of our Norwegian brand, by creating startups in local communities with supply chains recovery in mind 

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