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Hispanic Group in Melbu On Easter Visit To RADE, Showcased handcrafted Collections

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Research And Development

Enterprise, RADE during the 2022 Easter break received a Melbu based Hispanic group.

Led by Sandra, the team embraced the work done by RADE on new materials they found useful for producing various handcrafted Hispanic collections

Quite a number of Hispanic families in Norway are passively engaged in handmade crafts making and could coordinate mass production across borders to maximize turnovers, according to a member of the group

RADE had salmon leather presented whilst the group showed handcrafted luxury bags which they said can also be made from the salmon leather

We think in the nearest future, RADE will be able to create a serviced Coworking space for the group in Melbu and also feature new and existing brands on it’s digital stores

We see a connection between tangible economic contributions and emergence of sustainable materials particularly from salmon skin which has industrial availability in Vesterålen and other parts of Norway

RADE moved to Melbu recently and has plans to engage in Product development, Coworking space Setups with digital stores to create global market access.

Other diaspora groups have indicated interest in visiting us and we are indeed very open to such interaction going forward.

Franklin Borge RADE


Research And Development Enterprise, RADE,

Melbu, Norway

19th April, 2022

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